Are there really dumbass twilight girls?

13 Nov

Just read an article about Twilight parties where teenage.   The article in question is obviously written from an extremely fundamentalist viewpoint.  So be forwarned if you read the article that you may not agree with the religious fever, but putting all matters of religion aside on strictly a practical level are kids that stupid or are they just having stupid fun that gets carried too far.  Do they really believe the Hollywood horseshit or are they just the next generation of Trekkies.

Is Your Teenaged Daughter Throwing a Twilight Vampire Babies Pregnancy Pact Party?

Are there really girls out there that thinks they can have Cullen babies by getting knocked up at Twilight parties?  Do they really think that if they have ritual sex while on drugs and dressed up in goth that they will spawn the next generation of Bella-babies?  The article says we should ban the books and burn the author.  Or was it burn the books and ban the author.  Either way too extreme in a free-speaking country.  We should no more ban or burn the twilight books than we should burn the  most classic of horror tales “Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheous” by Mary Shelley.  Talk about good literature!    However,  if what the article says about these Twilight activities is accurate then we should ban these partipants from the “I’ve Got My Shit Together Club.”.   Sorry kids.  Restricted membership applies.  There are plenty of young people out there who Do have rational thought processes and may share the benefits of membership.  But for those who are captured by fiction and can’t put two logical thoughts together in the same day, come back next year for the open application period.




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